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TVDSB Virtual Library Learning Commons guide for parents

Under Review

PLEASE NOTE: This section of the VLLC is currently under review.  We are working to update/remove broken links.

Need Help?

For help with TVDSB's Virtual Library Learning Commons (VLLC), or to receive the password for TVDSB Staff, Elementary Students or Secondary Students, please contact Ellise Mackie, Learning Coordinator:

Helping Your Child

Helpful Links

e-learning D2L - Login page for TVDSB's eLearning site
Parent Portal Parent Portal - check on your child's progress at school
Parent Involement Committe Parent Involvement Committee - This board level committee's aim is to support, encourage and enhance parent engagement. To be involved at your child's school check the school web site.

Thames Valley Council of Home and School Associations engages parents, foster communication between the school and the parent community, and organizes events and activities to enrich the whole school community.

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Here are some ideas for creating your own makerspace, but remember that there are many ways to be creative. It could happen in your kitchen or at your living room table, too. It all depends on your child's  interests and needs

Makerspace logo See our student page on makerspaces, what they are and links to possible projects
mini makerspace Create your own mini-makerspace at home
8 ways to create a makerspace 8 ways to create a makerspace at home