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For help with TVDSB's Virtual Library Learning Commons (VLLC), or to receive the password for TVDSB Staff, Elementary Students or Secondary Students, please contact Ellise Mackie, Learning Coordinator:

Presenting Tips

When you present, you are the expert!

- keep it simple

- keep to the point; get to the point

- follow good design principles:

  • appropriate and consistent font(s)
  • appropriate colour scheme and contrast (light on dark, dark on light)
  • one image (avoid clipart if possible) on a slide is better than a bunch
  • TECH CHALLENGE! Can you remove the background from an image? (Do this! It's called 'transparency.')
  • minimal (or no) audio and visual distractions such as sound effects and busy/too many transitions and animations
  • more tips (YouTube video)

Presenting Resources